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Five Reasons to Consider Moving to New Zealand

By Andreas Becker

If you weigh the living in New Zealand pros and cons, you will probably understand why so many people migrate to New Zealand. Some of the reasons that outsiders are moving to New Zealand include the following.

A Thriving Economy
 Although not everyone who wants to migrate to New Zealand realizes it, the economy is one of the richest in the world when all things are taken into account. Considering living in New Zealand pros and cons, the median household weekly income of $1,236 should be a strong pro. When you add to it the fact that there is very little income difference between the richest and the poorest inhabitants, moving to New Zealand makes perfect sense.

Free Hospital System
Few countries can boast of a better situation regarding health care. Just look at the mess many countries are in with health insurance and a plan to migrate to New Zealand is an intelligent one. Living in New Zealand pros and cons are heavily tipped toward the pros on this one item. Generally speaking, no one moving to New Zealand is denied health care.

Ability to Produce Food
Many of the jobs in New Zealand are dependent on the climate, and farming definitely benefits from the sufficient rainfall and mild climate of the islands. It is relatively easy to produce good crops so anyone who migrates to New Zealand can be assured of not going hungry. The temperate weather itself is something that attracts people to New Zealand.

Skill Shortage in New Zealand

By Paul Geoff

New Zealand is desperately seeking skilled British workers to fill vacancies in its workforce. The New Zealand Department of Labour has recently published some astonishing statistics stating only 54% of advertised jobs in New Zealand were filled within 10 weeks of advertising.

The occupations in which New Zealand has a significant shortage of skilled workers can be found on the Long Term Skill Shortage List (LTSSL). If you are bored of your currently circumstance there are some very good opportunities for migrants at the moment in the country.

Similar to Australia, Canada and the UK, potential migrants applying for residency in New Zealand must qualify via a points system. Points are awarded to applicants who are a confirmed offer of employment which meets the specifications of the LTSSL and have either qualified or experienced in the given occupation.

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